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Dive gear

A new scuba diver will need a minimum of five pieces of dive gear to begin training. All other equipment can be rented but these pieces need to be purchased from a reputable dive shop. These items are scuba mask, scuba booties, scuba weights, snorkels, and swim fins. Usually the next piece of dive gear purchased is a wet suit.

A beginning diver might be enticed to own several pieces of dive gear above and beyond the five essentials. This may consist of BCDs (buoyancy compensation devices), gauges, and regulators. Although not extremely expensive these pieces should be shopped for carefully with quality in mind because one’s life depends on his or her equipment.

Scuba tanks are an essential part of diving gear. Tanks, which are worn on the back of the diver, are filled with compressed gases, usually oxygen and nitrogen, to allow the diver to breathe underwater. In the water, the tanks are not heavy so they are not cumbersome to carry. Most divers wear only one tank, while some commercial divers may wear two or three.

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