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Dive gear FAQs

What are scuba tanks?
Scuba tanks for containers that are worn on the back of the diver. They normally contain mostly oxygen and nitrogen. About one percent of the mixture is gases that are not oxygen or nitrogen. The scuba tank allows air to flow from the tank to the diver’s mouth to enable the diver to breathe underwater.

What is a wetsuit?
A wetsuit is a neoprene garment that insulates the body from cold. Hypothermia is always a danger to divers and the core body temperature must be controlled. During diving a thin layer of water enters the wetsuit and lodges between the suit and the diver. This layer warms to body temperature and helps keep the diver warm.

Does a scuba diver need a knife?
There are two reasons why a diver may need a knife:

• The diver gets wrapped up in kelp or sea weed
• The diver gets caught in a fishing line or fishing net

Under normal circumstances a diver usually does not need a knife. The exceptions to that are for a commercial diver who may be working close to fishing lines, straps, kelp, and seaweed.

Does one need to be certified to scuba dive?
One definitely needs to be certified to dive. Certification trains the diver to be safe and responsible under water. It shows the diver how to put on equipment and how the equipment functions. Certification training advises the diver on how to stay out of dangerous situations. It is next to impossible to rent scuba equipment from a reputable dive shop without being certified.


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