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Diving equipment

A diving gauge is an essential part of diving equipment. At the start of a dive, the diving tank should hold between 2000 and 3000 psi of compressed nitrogen and oxygen. A diver needs an air pressure gauge for several reasons:

• To know how much air is left in the tank
• To determine how much time can be spent underwater
• To determine the proper time to start ascending
• To check to see if any equipment is leaking
• To check to see if all valves are functioning properly

A scuba tank pressure gauge is a vital piece of diving equipment. First of all, it is important to cease diving before the tank is totally empty of air. One should always return to the boat with at least 100 psi of air in the tank. This is because air pressure in the tank prevents contamination from the unclean water. Water getting into the tank will also cause rust and maybe mold and mildew.

When shopping for diving equipment such as scuba gauges, a diver should seek:
• Long-term warranty
• Ergonomic grip
• Rotating or swivel mounting
• Luminescent indicators or backlighting features
• Easy disassembly


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