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Scuba diving can be one of life’s most spectacular experiences. The ability to freely move through an environment that is completely foreign to the average human is not only exhilarating, but can also be quite addictive. However, there is a great deal of equipment that is necessary for such an adventure, and for a first-time diver, finding the right dive gear can seem like a daunting challenge.

DivetechUSA.com is your internet headquarters for information relating to all manner of dive equipment and scuba certification. We understand the world of scuba like few others and have built this website with the novice diver in mind. Our website is designed to be used strictly as an informational resource, and we do not endorse any particular company or product line. All of the provided information is intentionally of an unbiased nature.

For the average novice diver, there is no need to spend a great deal of money purchasing a complete scuba diving rig. Most of the gear can, in fact, be rented from a local dive shop, or from a scuba instruction facility. Experts usually agree that until one decides whether or not diving is going to become a regular activity, it is often a better idea to save your money and just rent the necessary dive gear. There are, however, a few items that should be purchased, even for your first dive.

The three most important pieces of dive equipment for any novice diver are a quality mask and snorkel, as well as a good pair of diving fins. These items are all required for snorkeling and scuba diving and are recommended items for purchase because one wants these items to be as comfortable as possible. A quality mask, for instance, should not only seal firmly against the face in order to keep water out, but they should also be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. Similarly, diving fins, like shoes, can cause numerous problems if they do not fit properly, including blisters and muscle cramping.

Once a diver has decided that they would like to continue scuba diving as a regular activity, purchasing the more expensive equipment can be a worthwhile investment. Scuba tanks, regulators, depth gauges, and accessories such a dive knives and weight belts can all be purchased through most reputable dive shops, locally and online. Most of these dive shops are run by qualified divers who can act as outstanding sources of information. They are one of the most ideal ways of learning about the variety of dive gear options.

Of course, before anyone can venture out into the open water they will need to gain proper scuba certification. Becoming scuba certified is largely a matter of investing the time and effort to take part in a series of classes designed to explain all the various pieces of dive equipment, as well as all of the necessary safety guidelines. These classes can be taken through local dive shops, universities, and many scuba resort destinations.

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