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Scuba diving equipment

One important piece of scuba diving equipment is a BCD which stands for buoyancy compensation device. A BCD offers variable buoyancy control to the diver. One can adjust the buoyancy to compensate for the diver’s depth, weight, density, and compression. BCDs should fit properly. When one straps on the BCD, it should be a little tight, but should not be uncomfortable.

One piece of scuba diving equipment that nearly all divers use is scuba booties. Scuba booties are like sock, except they’re made of neoprene. Some have zippers and hard soles so one can walk over rocks and other hard surfaces. Booties protect the feet from burns, abrasions, and cuts when walking on rocky beaches, hot pavement, or rough boat decks. Booties also help prevent blisters from forming underneath dive fins.

Gauges are a necessity when purchasing scuba diving equipment. Knowing how deep one is, and how long one has been in the water is invaluable knowledge. Gauges are also necessary for managing air and nitrogen. A diver must always know how deep he is and how long he has been underwater to calculate decompression stops as he or she ascends.


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